I’m tired and the environment in my room is boring. I can’t motivate myself to write so i’ll be taking my blogging at Blugre Coffee Shop who have free WiFi acces. I have so many backlogs to write and to be published. I’ll be posting some what happen last night at the just concluded Davao Blog Party. I’ll be giving some Link Love and PR Juice from my PR5 blog to all those who attended the party and i will be collecting all bloggers who post their personal experience and pictures of the blog party.

Then around 7pm i’ll be going to Dennis Agulo house who will host a Dinner for our guest at Davao Blog Party from Manila. And what’s good about this dinner is Dennis is considerate and sensitive enough to prepare meal that is pork-free. He knows that i’m a Muslim. I really appreciate people who respect others culture, tradition and religion. Hope more non-muslim will be more sensitive.

Who wants to join me at Blugre are free to come and i will be glad to share the table with you. KKB tayo! hehe.