This post is overdue! i know and blast me off this Blogosphere. HEHE *evil grin* i was so tired and i was too lazy to write about the just concluded Davao Blog Party last Saturday night. During the party i was so excited and also fear that the people registered won’t arrived. We have a slow nor late start around past 8pm but eventually Davao Bloggers starts to arrived and the party starts to roll on! I was so eager to meet everybody.

The party was a blast and it rocks the Blogosphere. The party was gazed by the 2 top bloggers in Philippine Blogosphere – Yuga and Jayvee. Another guest in this blog party were Aileen Apolo – Philippine Country Consultant of Google, Janette Toral of Digital Filipino Club and Eyb a friend of Yuga.

We achieve another milestone for Davao as this is the first nor biggest get together of bloggers outside of Metro-Manila as what Yuga says in his speech on the party. It feels great that this event was a successful one. We have around 42 registered on the registration page but only 31 shows up from the list and theres another around 18 bloggers registered on-site for a total of 49 bloggers attended the offline gathering of davao bloggers. But i’m sure theres some bloggers who didn’t register. So more or less theres around 50+ bloggers who attended the party.

source: Alleba Blog

Photos by Alleba Blog (L-R: Kars, Athens, Raine, Me, Walter, Jerry, ?, Blogie (Partly hidden)

Photos by Blogie – Yuga giving talks about Problogging.

Heres the list of bloggers blog about the party and pictures. If you blog about it give me the link and i will update this page.

Picture Gallery in Davao Blog Party:

Watch out! there will be a Davao Blog Party #2! soon this coming Kadayawan! I will be giving Link Love to those who attended the party.