Heres the list of Davao Bloggers attended last Davao Blog Party which i will be giving Link Love! because of them the blog party is a blast!. Not all who attended the party maintain their own blog. Some of them is broken for i don’t know reason. Maybe they are just migrating away from wordpress to blogger to avail and can use Google AdSense for monetization.

If you updated the link of your blog please drop a line so i can update this list. You can also add your blog at Davao Blogspace Directory. This blog of mine has PR5 and sharing my PR Juice so one or another you will increase your PR rating and a better ranking in SERP for your niche topic blog. If you are registered Technorati user you will also increase your ranking.

Heres the Link Love List:

  1. Aldrin
  2. Alleba Blog
  3. eetsie’s world
  4. araphoenix
  5. FLATLINE DNR (Do Not Resuscitate)
  6. Muffled Chatterbox
  7. Blogie Blog
  8. Ang Dabawenyo
  9. I.T. Talks!
  10. Tantra Addict
  11. Cherry’s Comfort Zone
  12. High Denzity
  14. From the Foreroom of my Cranium (but it changes)
  15. Asian Invasion
  16. Yhat
  17. Yet Another Corner In a Maiden’s Life’s Downtown
  18. Southisms
  19. At one with my duality
  20. my confessions…!
  21. One Alternative Energy Blog
  22. Journal of a Basketball Addict
  23. My Davao City
  24. Alleba Politics
  25. Shopchicks
  26. Gummy Bears and Jellybeans
  27. Moslemen M. Macarambon Jr.
  28. || M I S S – w h a t e v e r ||
  29. introspection
  30. Red
  31. Philippine Election 2007
  32. Pinoy Advocacies
  33. SophisticatedLahydie
  34. Life is Abundant
  35. Espresso Break
  36. Painting Philippines
  37. village idiot savant
  38. An Apple a Day
  39. YugaTech | Philippine Technology News & Reviews
  40. A Bugged Life
  41. NoypiAko – Eyb
  42. anyabelle
  43. Dennis Murmurs
  44. a day in the life . . .
  45. Breathing Space
  47. Station Z
  48. Davao Today
  49. PhilippineLifeMates

I appreciate a link back. Thanks! watch out for the next party!