After the Blog party we organizers and guests proceed at Blugre to have some cofee then at 1am we go home as the guest are sleepy and tired. But me, Blogie and Jay goes back to Netfront Internet Cafe and Coffee Shop as people from Bisaya Bloggers are waiting as they extended the party outside Netfront. Though they give me a bottle of RedHorse but after few minutes i refuse to drink. I don’t have the mood to drink maybe because i’m just tired and sleepy. My body can’t no longer handle as my eyes are falling so i went home early around past 3am.

Outside Netfront with Bisaya Bloggers. (L-R): Athens, Aldrin, Blogie, Me, Jay, Ava, Jerry

The next day we have a dinner hosted by Dennis Agulo. The food was YUMMY! it’s a sea food feast though theirs one pork menu. I really have a good time and have a full stomach. I really appreciate Dennis for the almost menu free-pork as being considerate and sensitive. The food was great! the oyster, squid, kinilaw and tuna belly *yummy*. I didn’t try crab as it’s so hassle to crack its shell and i really don’t like crabs. Sadly Yuga and Jayvee has allergies with sea food so only the pork meat they eat for that night but we are happy and kidding with each other non-allergies with sea food since theres more sea foods for us. Eyb goes all out war with the crabs and has the all the patience to crack its shells.

(L-R): Ria, Andrew, Dennis, Me, Eyb

After a great dinner at Dennis house we proceed to Jack Ridge. We have some booze at BMW Bar.

At Jack Ridge. (L-R): Me, Aileen, Yuga and Jayvee

I’m singing even out of tone. haha! (L-R): Aileen, Me and Yuga

I really have a good time and i want this to happen everyday. It’s fun to jam and party with fellow bloggers. I’m hopping to join and travel for Philippine Blog Awards and iBlog Summit 3 so i can party with them again. But financial constraint may hinders me to attend such blogging scene here in the Philippines.

All the Photos in this post is provided by Blogie Robillo. More photos here.