Last monday SEO Philippines – Davao meetup. This is the 2nd time Aileen and Davao SEO meetup but less people. Here is the link of our 1st Davao SEO meetup.

We talk about how can SEO sell themselve. Aileen presents a slide how to market and run a campaign and focus more about their Google AdWords service. She explains how will AdWords will help increase the traffic of the campaigned website using specific target niche keywords. She also show in her slides how advertisement and marketing are shifting from traditional media to Internet base.

Blogie has more details and info regarding the SEO meetup here. We are also talk of possible of running a online marketing company which will target Davao-base companies. It’s possible since theres no big-capital needed to start this industry if using Google Adwords as tool to campaign. The maximum standard fee is 15% addition to PPC fund campaign – So if you have around $100/month PPC campaign in Adwords you add $15 as like a professional fee. I don’t know if we can realize this but i like the idea of collaboration of Davao SEO to put up a SEM company. Theres already 1 Davao base SEO company – SEO Global Pro who runs by Eric and was present at this meetup. Eric clients are mostly from abroad and he have no local clients.

Theres no money in local SEO? Foreign company has more cash than the local? I think local companies has funds but doesn’t know about SEO and how important SEO campaign to boost their product online. Most local companies here in Davao has low presence in Internet Universe and mostly in major Search Engine. And also to add the low count of SEO Professionals in Davao.

Now i’m more aiming and eager to take and pass Google Adwords Professional (GAP) certification program. Getting certified is giving you more authority to charge your client higher fees.