Matt Cutts Blog HACKED!

Dark SEO Team hacked Matt Cutts blog.


and then Matt hacked DST site?


Theres a thread discussion about this at SEO Philippine Forum.

I think this is a big gimmik since its April Fools day.

This is the Open letter of DST to Matt. Since DST also was defaced heres the cached page of the Open Letter to Matt Cutts.

Open letter to Matt Cutts

Dear Matt,

Sorry it falls on you! We at DarkSeoteam appreciate your blog, respect your work… and you look like a nice guy. But your blog looked like the perfect target. First because you don’t rely on it for income, second because, on the internet, there is no better proof than a punchy example.

As many fellow webmasters, we have been reading the endless threads at webmasterworld, where site owners were complaining for having their websites “Googlewashed”, and income hurt by unscrupulous competitors.

As many fellow webmasters, we were shocked that Google and GoogleGuy did not even dare to comment.

Matt ! Google doesn’t have to feel ashamed for the bugs. Everyone involved in software and algorithms can understand what bug means for real. We all had bugs. The only thing we can’t understand is that Google doesn’t say it’s going to fix it asap.

We won’t make public the way we ranked on “bacon polenta”because we don’t want the technic used spreading on the web. However, it seems that many posters at webmasterworld and threadwatch understood the whole thing. But that’s not the point.

The point is:

Anyone can use Google’s duplicate content filters to ruin a competitor’s website, and steal his ranking and traffic.

Moreover, Matt, the webmasters’ community does not need an immediate fix, but it needs Google to admit that it is not able to differentiate between the original contents and the duplicate one, and it needs to hear that Google is working hard on fixing this severe issue.

Last thing Matt. You said at threadwatch that you were not going to do anything special for your blog. It honors you, but beware that the whole thing could worsen in the next days. Not that we are going to do anything else about it, but our test is very recent. It was just set-up on September 25 (yeah, less than 10 days to get a visit from GoogleGuy, we’re proud lol), and Googlebot has not finished his job yet.

As we said Matt, we’re leaving the test “as it is”. Hopefully you guys in the Googleplex can use it as a “cobaye” to fix your algo. After all, our site is just a lab, and you’re welcome to use it.

The DarkSeoTeam

For those who would not understand what we are taking about here, read the following threads:
Google’s Matt Cutts‘ Blog GoogleWashed (Thx again Nick)
The initial wmw’s thread about all this ( No thx to stupid moderators that delete all the post about this ..)

It’s now on 2nd day of defaced but both sites are up and they still didn’t change or fix the defaced site. I think it’s left for the reason of gimmik and to stir and buzz the blogosphere of SEO’s.

Happy April Fools day!


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