Muhammad Legacy of a Prophet

I have an original DVD copy of this a much watch documentary film. I order this last year.

Documentary by Non-Muslims about Islam & Prophet Muhammad(S)… A good start for every Non-Muslim that wants to know more about Islam.

PLEASE NOTE: This Documentary is very good in General but it contains also some flawed and weak statements that are considered incorrect which is understandable since it’s produced by Non-Muslims. Overall we think this documentary is very informative for every Non-Muslim who dont know anything or little about Islam.

Fourteen hundred years ago, a humble merchant who could not read or write changed the face of Arabia. Today, his influence has spread to every corner of the world including the United States. This is the story Muslims have passed down from generation to generation for 1400 years. It is a story about the merchant, husband, father, statesman and warrior whom they consider the final prophet…, the man whose legacy continues to shape their lives today.