Another SEO Contest is heating and buzzing in blogospheres though it will end in the next few days. I just learned about this at the SEO Philippines Forum. This SEO Contest is worth $9,000 and Canada-base SEO Contest. I really want to join a contest like this to test my skills, enhance nor learn more from contest.

I’m gonna test this single post if it will make it to the top SERPs. I’ll have some crash link-building on some of my seo blog i also did join on some contest like isulong seoph and ituloy angsulong. One contest i really want to join before was SEO World Championship but due because to some lame excuses i didn’t. I’m just pretty lazy and injected with disturbed brain. In short im not focus nor excited.

The SEO World Championship was over and won by Benj a friend and collegue at SEO Philippines who then snatch the 1st place winning the Citroen C2 – SEO World Championship Car. After Benj win the contest i just realized that we from Philippines can also be a good Search Engine Optimization Specialist. We can put the Philippines in the map of SEO World and thus will entice companies to hire and outsource their SEO jobs to us. Though before we can achieve this, we should work hard to sharpen our SEO skills and not tend to spam all blog comment sand box and forum signature just to manipulate the Search Engine Results Pages.

The Specifics:

START DATE: Jan 15 / 07 FINISH DATE: June 15 / 07

SEO contest’s main objective is to find the Best SEO Expert on the Internet!

GOAL: To promote your website/blog/page for the term “shopautodotca seocontest“. At the beginning of the contest there will be no websites with this term so it’s even for everybody.

To win, you must place 1st in Google / MSN / Yahoo for the term “shopautodotca seocontest” and have a link back to with keywords used cars, used car classifieds targeted.

In order to qualify, the page must have a link back to home page. Participants who don’t maintain a link will be disqualified. ( No specification of link required, other than the promotion of used cars or used car classifieds being linked to


1. Email [email protected] to be entered in our database as a contestant. Please provide your full name, contact information and the website in which you have posted the link back to

2.Then register in our forum to be kept up-to-date on the contest and the top contestants and post any questions that you may have. VISIT SHOPAUTO.CA FORUM HERE

3.You will then receive and email from the Shop Auto admin confirming your entry. Allow 24 – 48hrs to arrive.






For the top 5 individuals, they will have the opportunity to earn a position as Shop Auto Corporation’s SEO Manager.

I wonder if another from Philippines will conquer another SEO Contest!