Bayanihan SEO Contest was supposed to be launched last June 12 to felt great to be Pinoy as it celebrates Philippine Indendence Day. But it was now moved and announced today Sunday, July 1, 2007 due to some reason i dont know *heh*. I recieved Marc message in Yahoo Messenger just late this afternoon informing us all about launching the 3rd seo contest in the Philippines.

SEO Philippines is proud to announce the launch of the most ambitious SEO contest ever: the P600,000 Bayanihan SEO Contest and pot money for the prizes may still go up! The contest still looking for more sponsors.

Bayanihan (pronounced buy-uh-nee-hun) is a Filipino tradition wherein neighbors would help a relocating family by gathering under their house, and carrying it to its new location. More generally, the word bayanihan has come to mean a communal spirit that makes seemingly impossible feats possible through the power of unity and cooperation.

The SEO/SEM market are growing and more and more seo practionaire nor seo analysts/manager/specialist professionals are been hired and outsourced. This third installment of seo philippines contest is a good chance to proved that you have a SEO skills and put your name and your team to be heard and recognized in this newly SEO Industry and Community.

The ultimate keyword to be ranked high in SERP is “paradise philippines“.

This P600,000 contest is the biggest pot ever and its kinda like a motivation to be more serious compare to the last 2 seo contest i joined. The difference of this contest to the pasts isulong seoph and ituloy angsulong is that this two is individual and that bayanihan seo contest is more of team work. Though its a team base contest i will join as a 1man team since i still didn’t find a team mate. Before i start late in the contest so i have lame excuse of not winning nor short winning the 1st place. Now, i will start and no more late.

If you want to help me out please give me a few 1-way backlink per post in your website nor blog site. If your site is about Philippine Travels you can give me a sitewide link. *evil grin*. Heres my Paradise Philippines Bayanihan Entry.

Help me by:

  1. Make a blog post and not a sitewide link.
  2. In the blog post have 1 link go to the homepage, and 1 link got to another page on my site.
  3. Use variations of paradise philippines like:
    • paradise philippines entry
    • wyzemoro’s paradise philippines
    • paradisephilippines travel entry
    • paradise philippines travel website
    • philippine travels
    • paradise travel

Heres some of my entry site:

Wish me goodluck. Hope i can make it to top5 SERP @ Google, MSN, Yahoo Search Engine.

For Contest Mechanics and more Information about the contest please go check this link.