I always bring out my laptop to school and wherever i go my notebook gadget is not protected. Since the day i purchase my laptop i was in a search of something like additional protection for laptop. Protection from getting wet during rainy days and scratches in the bag since i do use my humongous samsonite backbag. My laptop now has few scratches and i hate it.


My laptop bag is so big and after daily used it gets more irratating – it’s like im bringing my home anywhere i go. *heh*. So with this laptop sleeves i can just use my Eastpack backpack. I don’t use the acer blackbag since i feel its sooo uncool. Like im sort-of bragging since l always bring it with me. My laptop is a gadget like cellphone that i must bring. I can blog anywhere!

Avee saves my life. I was blog hopping the other day and i found her multiply site. I right away emailed her and ordered.

Heres the design i ordered. I’m so hyped again and i can’t wait for my packaged to arrived.

Sleeves are slot loading and are designed for easy removal. Each sack is lined with quilted diamond satin and padded for added protection while stowed away or in transit.

ain’t that lovely sleeves for my laptop?

Theres more design!


How to order
*Avee’s Multiply – order online
*For those who do not have Multiply accounts, you may reach her through e-mail – avee.tan@gmail.com

When my package arrived maybe i’m gonna write a review about it. So far they are customer oriented. They right away reply on my emails. My package will arrived in a weeks’ time.