Last saturday July 7 around 6pm the usual suspects of Mindanao Blogger Summits 2007 organizers meet again at Yellow Hauz located at Mabini corner, Mapa street. In attendance was Ria, Andrew, Blogie, Marc and yours truly.

The MBS sponsorship package was now finalized:

Donor – Php 3,000
Minor Sponsors – Php 5,000
Major Sponsors – Php 10,000
Co-Presentor – Php 30,000

For more details of the packages please check this link.

Please also check the MBS Program of Activities which was also updated.

This Bloggers Summit aims to gather bloggers from all over the island of Mindanao and nearby places to promote a peaceful image of Mindanao thru blogging and to erase bad connotation about Mindanao. This offline gathering of bloggers will strenghten the friendship of Mindanao Bloggers and maybe put some direction and a stand to the future of the Mindanao using blog medium.

Heres some pictures of the meet-up:

Ria, Andrew, Blogie and Marc

Ria, Andrew, Blogie and yours truly.

The photo was taken using my new Sony Ericsson k800i Cybershot mobile phone. I’m gonna post a review soon about this new gadget of mine.