It’s been a week of waiting for Avee Protective Laptop Sleeves. I recieved the package last tuesday. I’m now using this laptop sleeves daily.

Now it adds mores protection to my laptop. I like the color gray and greenish type. Maybe i will order another sleeves with a pink color?

I wonder if theres a sleeves with a ziper features to fully lock the sleeves against the dust and fully protect it for possible water leaks during rain.


Bigger resolution of the pictures will be uploaded in my flickr account. I’m still dying dreaming getting a flickr pro account if theres someone out there with big heart please gift me a pro account. *evil grin* I want a pro account so i can create more sets for my pictures collection.

Heres the closer look of my Spaceman sleeves.


Heres the one i ordered that has clean stitched openings.


I just realized that my package is different in the picture above i ordered compared to the one i recieved. The opening of the spaceman sleeves is more clean while my package has not been stiched and it has a bulging opening of the green garment. I just emailed Avee about this. Hope she can do something about it.