w00t! it’s been awhile that slackware has released. I’ve been using Slackware since 1999 where the version is Slackware 95 against Windows 95? My Desktop PC is dual boot with Slackware 11 and Mac OSx86 (i’m gonna write soon a tutorial how to install Mac OSx86 on a regular desktop/laptop).

That’s right, the first 2.6(.21.5) based Slackware release is ready for download! We think you’ll enjoy the latest kernel, KDE 3.5.7, XFce 4.4.1, HAL automounting for desktop users, an updated toolchain, and many other enhancements. The official announcement has more details. Also, consider supporting the project at http://store.slackware.com. Thanks to everyone who contributed improvements and fixes this time — a lot of help made this a relatively smooth release.

I’m a Slackware fanboy, because of slackware i learned much of linux inside from compiling a kernel to loading modules, modifying desktop (KDE, Gnome, XFCE and others) and yes i also learn to hack remotely or locally because of this beast.

Go to your nearest mirror and download! i’m gonna download the ISO DVD! Thank Pat! Thank Slackware Team!