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Sun Oct 21, 2007 9:19 pm (PST)

Greetings my Tausug Brothers!

Sorry for the late reply on this article.

I have long been a great admirer of the Tausug People. In my book, they are among the bravest specimen of humanity..along with the Spartans, Vietnamese and Gurkhas.

I recently visited Malaysia (Malaysians, in my opinion are secretly jealous of Sulu’s history–having been subdued, conquered, colonized and pillaged by the Brits–)for some research work. There, it never fails to amaze me how rich Malays (the elite and educated kind) will “somehow” manage to “trace” their roots to the Sultanate of Sulu. In fact, some Datus there will claim they have Tausug blood. Several years back, I learned that some “heroes” in Malaysia are actually Tausugs. But the Malaysians will always claim that its the other way around. The Malaysian Datus were always “just in time” to “save” their royal cousins. Frankly, if this were true, how come Malaysia lost to Brunei when Sulu Datus entered the picture? In fact, how come Malaysia succumb to Western invasion while Sulu fought on for 300 years?

After my inquiries, my Malaysian friend turned cold on me. Didn’t they conquer India too? Touche!

AS for the Americans, they were never interested in occupying Sulu at that time but they were challenged by these remarkable people. Perhaps, they wanted to instill their concept of “democracy” to the Tausugs. After all, MOST SULTANATES/CALIPHAT ES IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD–SAVE FOR SULU–IF I’M NOT MISTAKEN–were under the British Empire. So in effect, the Americans wanted a feather on their cap.

I would really like to know what the Tausugs felt when Sultan Kiram abdicated and relinquished his powers. A Tausug friend of mine claims that his great grandfather (RASUL) was instrumental in convincing the Sultan to be friendly with the Americans.UNKNOWN to most Tausug historians, the Brits were extending their friendship as well. After all, the East India Company leased Sabah from the Royal families…The Brits would have retained the Karatuan (royalty) being a constitutional monarchy herself. Look what happened to Arabian and Southeast Asian kingdoms. HOWEVER RASUL, AN AMBITIOUS COMMONER, was lured by the Americans into becoming a PHILIPPINE SENATOR (at that time, what’s a Philippine senator compared to a Sulu Prime Minister?) His progenies were proclaiming him as the phrophet of peace. In fairness, he wanted to avert more bloodshed. But then again, after 300 plus years of war, the Tausugs couldve survived the Americans!

Rumor had it, Rasul was an American Puppy. I mean, why was he chosen by the Americans to represent Sulu in the “Philippine government” ? In fact, a trivia to you Tausugs, do you know that his real name was Abdul Baqui” and was later changed to Rasul after the American came? Do you know why? Why was Kiram so dependent on Rasul if we were to believe the written history? Why and what was he negotiating with the British in Sandakan at the time the Spanish governor general forced Sultan Al Rashid to sign an important piece of document? Why didn’t the Datus rallied behind the Kiram Sultans (since 1884) Searching for the answer to these questions led me to places like Palawan, China, Spain and Malaysia.

Still, I am really curious about what the Tausugs of this generation know about their past. How were you raised by your parents in so far as “knowing” the truth behind your glorious history is concerned?

Did your parents for instance “glossed” over the importance and the role of the Datus in upholding Islam. Truth be told, if not for the leadership of Datus and their panglimas, you would all be doing the sign of the cross!

Do you feel your leaders are fighting for your rights? What typifies a Tausug leader these days as opposed to the leaders of the past? Do most Tausugs feel hopeless and want to migrate to other places? Why is it, there are no Tausug Associations in Manila?

As for the injustices. Not only were you massacred, invaded, constantly hounded by the ‘infidels’, YOU WERE DEPRIVED OF YOUR RIGHTFUL PLACE IN HSTORY! I mean, the WORLD PITIED THE JEWS after WW2 and rightly so. But what’s the glory in being the victim?!?! At least the Tausugs ( just like the Vietnamese, Armenians and Poles) fought to the death!(Bud Dahu) My husband is Jewish and I used to tell him, “5 million jews died, but save for the 40,000 Jewish Poles in Warsaw, why the heck didn’t your people try to fight the germans even with bare hands and teeth?! why did they prefer a slow death rather than a dignified death?! In some camps, there were less than a hundred german soldiers as opposed to thousands of jews?! My husband would often reply ” they had no weapon! there were children!” I would shot back, “the Tausugs in Bud Dahu were not only men but women and children! they had no weapon except their bolos! they knew they will die!” My husband nearly divorced me! (just kidding) I just tell him I was in Bud Dahu. I do believe I was a Tausug warrior in my previous life.

Anyways, before I turn this mail into a drama series, I wish you all Tausug people the best. You have been through war, poverty and pain. And now, my favorite shopping place when I was still living there in Manila had been “bombed.” I know it in my heart that the Muslims are not the guilty ones. You are being used again!

I wish in my lifetime to see your place achieve peace and prosperity. (and the Americans will not be the ones who will bring those, TRUST ME!) There’s always a lump in my heart when I hear the word Sulu…

Blessed Be,