Tired of Friendster, Vox, Multiply? Looking for an alternative free online blogging community? Want something a combination of all their features? A truely web 2.0 website that caters very wide audience with combination of blogs, photos, videos, podcasts and plus an active community forum. Thoughts.com has all this and package it in one combo account.

Thoughts.com boast features like:

* Create Blog Posts
* Share Photos & Videos
* Share Music Files & Podcasts
* Post in the Forums
* Discuss Current News
* Meet New People

What i like in this service is it includes unlimited bandwidth! I don’t have problem with excess caps of bandwidth and my site will always be up and accessible to my friends.

Aside from sharing what i blog posts my friends can rate it and provide feedback if they like it nor hate it! A good way to know to evaluate my site. I can improve myself more better then.

After creating my own account i wonder if theres option to personalized the design and have own personalized CSS. I believe having own personalized design will give us users more motivation to update the site. So if the update is frequent my friends will visit my site also as often i do update my blog posts and share photos and musics.

Thoughts.com overall navigation is user friendly and newbie users won’t get lost navigating his/her account. At first login on my account i right away find my way around like posting my 1st blog post and adding new links at the sidebars.

Finding new friends are not that hard as their community forum has full of active users. You can join the forum to discuss current news and events. In the forum you can also seek advice and whats more motivating is if theres some Thoughts.com users at your nearby area, you can meet-up and socialized!

Hope Thoughts.com will continue to be a true Free Blog Community in the near future and not paid community.

Now go check the site http://www.thoughts.com/ and get your own account.

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