The Voice over IP (VoIP) saves us from the over expensive traditional phone service. VoIP give us more oppurtunities to call abroad cheaply. This new way communication promises more benefits. As number of phone service provider is moving to an IP network infrastructure to cost savings on equipments, but they don’t see the seriousness of VoIP threats as exposed by a UK-based VoIP expert, Peter Cox, who co-founded and was CTO of firewall vendor BorderWare.

Here’s the 10 minute podcast of Peter Cox, as he demonstrate the worst-case nightmares of VoIP vulnerabilities and released a proof-of-concept program to show how easy it would be for criminals to eavesdrop on the VoIP-based phone calls of any company using the technology.

Called SIPtap, the software is able to monitor multiple Voice-over-IP (VoIP) call streams, listening in and recording them for remote inspection as .wav files. All that the criminal would need would be to infect a single PC inside the network with a Trojan incorporating these functions, although the hack would work at ISP level as well.

Thought of using VoIP as far more safer than the traditional digital land lines from wire-tapping? This VoIP proof-of-concept hacks scares me and the rest of the world who gives priority about security and their privacy. I don’t want anyone lurking in my network sniffing my calls.

Ain’t you also scared?