a division of HDA Inc. has been in the business for publishing and selling titles to showcasing their best homes and house plans. HDA is based in St. Louis, founded in 1983 as a home plan company, since then they are distributing their books and home plans to retailers across the country. They can be access thru online with their website – Building a home with a DIY (do-it-yourself) project plan from HDA published books has never been easier.

HDA has a wide variety of plan books for customers’ perusals. The customers can choose different, customized or exact style of home design like the titles of “One Story Living,” “Small Home Plans,” “Casual Country Home Plans,” “Water’s Edge Home Plans,” “Luxury Home Plans,” are among countless others the customers can find.

Consumers’ looking for more HDA’s house plans and project plans, their website – is packed with more than 15,000 plans, including log home plans and features to make the process of building your dream home more easier and convenient. The website includes user-friendly search options and a calculator to estimate how it will cost to build the home plans.