I’ve heard before Thoughts.com as been offering Free Blogs account for people who wants to be a blogger and will share their personal online journal and their own thoughts about anything they like or hate. Thoughts is not only limited on Free Blog but they also offer free upload photos, videos, podcasts, chat in the community forums and bookmark the latest news. Their service is flexible and its like wordpress that your blog can be posted in public or private or only viewable by your friends and family. What i like about this site, it provides free unlimited bandwidth – no more headaches reaching a quota bandwidth for your photos or what uploads you want to share about your friends.

Thoughts.com Forums is one section of the website i like. The forum has wide range of topics and sharing thoughts to all different users of Thoughts.com is quite interesting. One of the board i like in the forum is the religion which has a sub-board Islam. Though Islam is the fastest and now the largest religion in the world it still has some nor been discriminated all over the world. I would like to know whats Thoughts.com member will say about Islam and Muslims in general.
Thoughts.com membership has been growing since the last time i visit them last year. Their forums threads and many topics is now been discussed. If you want to be part of the discussion join Thoughts.com Forums – http://www.thoughts.com/forums/.