When operation Merdeka flopped and the whole diplomatic community blushed along with Marcos, we remember that it was the Moros most convenient excuse to grab a kalashnikov rifle and shoutsky high about a massacre. The malays did something about it, sending in their special branch (since they hadnt yet the strength to fight the second most powerful army in SE Asia at that time) to carefully select, train and arm Moro ideologues and revolutionaries. Fast Forward more than two decades of War… and you see ourselves back to square one.  With more than just the cost of War enough to rebuild economies lost and squandered either by misplaced IRA allocations, or corrupted Pork barrel funds. Not to mention the notion that the Asia Foundation through research have found that the most corrupt municipalities are in the ARMM and Moro controlled areas. Thats just not it, at the moment, were fighting a never-ending separatist insurgency (as imperial manila calls it), and negotiations are going nowhere. Cap to that whenever theres a political scandal or coup d’ etat, something sparks in Mindanao. So if anyone cares about it… isnt this all coincidence?

Right now as of this moment, everybody has been debating that why is it that the dreaded ASG was already eliminated nad here they are again striking it off with their new prey.

Really really, our intellectuals have to do more than just wash their hands, we need a total reassessment of whats happening in Moroland.

Almost majority if not all of the prime lands in the mainland are owned if not controlled by the non-Muslims. Recently The US navy and the Japanese research vessels have been doing underwater marine research in MIndanao and palawan areas. Why?

let me tell you why…. the area surrounding the Island has huge reserves of heavy water (deuterium) which is being used for cold fusion, an alternative power source. (for those who are unfamilliar with the idea please watch Val Kilmers movie “the saint” to know more). Its better and safer than nuclear energy. and if we dont realize it, If Mindanao becomes independent, this power source will be one  of the things that US and japan will clobber heads to gain control of……

Now if we havent realized where have we all gone wrong, the other people will end up gobbling our resources.

Something to think about folks