In the beginning I really thought that these political mavericks really had what it takes to turn the Philippines around. I was wrong. Like all the rest of the lot, they have blinkers on their eyes and cannot see “outside the box” when treating the Bangsamoro issue. Like all the rest, they would die if you even speak of “tampering” their beloved Constitution to accommodate the centuries old struggle of the Bangsamoro to regain their Right to Self Determination. Like all the rest, they cannot get it through their brains what it means to have enjoyed sovereignty long before the establishment of the Malolos Republic. Like the rest, they will never understand that not once in their Philippine history did the Bangsamoro feel belonged. Like the rest, their history is myopically stuck “from Magellan onwards” and never before that (thanks to historians Zaide and Guerrero for bringing Filipino leaders up with a deep seated bias against “much older minorities”). Like the rest, they “grandstand” their positions about critical issues (like the MOA-AD) to increase public support and either secure their political preeminence and/or their presidential ambitions (if any) And so, therefore, like the rest, they should be treated like diapers, which we would need to replace as often for the same reasons. Amen.