Recently, one of the active young moro leaders, Hon Mujiv Hataman (AMIN Partylist) guested on the early morning talk show of Joel Villanueva ADYENDA. From what Ive heard from his inputs, Ive seen that he has clearly eluciddated the following points:

1. There is clear absence of Governance in many LGU’s in ARMM areas specifically in the areas of ZAMBASULTA where these kidnappings take place (with notable exceptions of course), and since governance and the LGU executives could not resonate within the local populace, there is no actual process of peace and order. Imagine a PO1 relative of a mayor becomes chief of Police and the Municipal town hall unoccupied for six months inhabited by Goats.

2. There is a clear need for governance not only to be felt but for the communities to be actively participative, therefore to make sure that peace and Order becomes also a concern for them.

There were also other concerns raised by Cong Hataman, too many to be mentioned here. But what is worth saying is that we have a need to have more of his kind, selfless political leaders who continually strive for the betterment of their constituents. being a leader who rose from the ranks, Mujiv knows what he is saying and what changes are needed to be made. we do hope that Mujiv eventually is able to make the people in the national government realize that they should listen to his policy reccomendations or lose investor confidence.