We’ve been talking about helping Mindanao for a long long time. we have been also complaining about education not just simple education, but empowering, grassroots education for the Moros.

Ive a suggestion, why dont we create a Moro University. In today’s globalizing world, where everybody wants to globalize, we are in danger of losing our indigenous vibrant moro culture, we also fall prey to extenral influences and our children grow up hellenized and globalized not understanding what it is to grow up to be Moro in the middle of Philippine and Mindanaoan society.

What should a Moro University look like? stand for? or represent?

Perhaps, this is what Moro educators should start thinking, with people like Hadja Luningning Misuarez Umar,Ed D who is at the Commission on Higher Education, as well as other people in academia.

We know that right now, we are looking at the globalization process and that unless we undertake measures aimed to preserve, protect our culture, we are soon to lose our indigenous knowledge, wisdom and culture. The Moro University should aim to ensure that this is protected.

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