It has been a long time since a prominent Moro had run and won a Senate seat. This is quite surprising that how a huge minority like the Moros could lose the election when their votes are one of the most significant votes comparable to the block vote of the INC (except that Moro votes are used to switch electoral victories vis-a-vis ballot switching or the ill-reputed dagdag-bawas scheme). Ironic Isn’t it.

I have observed the power of the Conscience Driven elections, when a candidate driven by his conscience to run to change society, as well as concience electorates who vote people who should govern and change the system and actively guard the votes and ensure that their candidate wins.

A lot of historic landmark people won thru this method.and History was the judge if they accepted and fulfilled their mandate accrodingly.
We hope that the next Moro senatorial aspirant is one driven by his conscience to trully serve his constituents and push to transform the system, or this will be another lame and fruitless electoral excercise getting a Moro to run for Senate and throw away people’s money