I’ve been reviewing all my blogs and doing some adjustments. My Wyzemoro Blogs is lately been an aggregator of all my blogs. I’m still reviewing and putting plans to how not to lost my traffic from Wyzemoro Blogs, so the traffic will be redirected here for each of the content posts.

Why i’m doing this?

  • In search engine when you search for my wyzemoro blogs you will be redirected to a broken links. So all searches in the future from wyzemoro blogs will be forwarded here in Moro Herald with new links of its content/posts.
  • I start wyzemoro as my nickname here in cyber world or internet and years pass by it became my branded name for my services. Almost all my post in wyzemoro blogs are too personal and non-business related. Moving the content somewhere is the right thing to do. I don’t want my personal advocacy affects my businesses nor services to my clients.
  • My posts in Wyzemoro Blogs are mostly related to my advocacy of Bangsamoro to right to self-determination which this Moro Herald will serve and cater.

I will still maintain Wyzemoro Blogs but with new (from scratch) and more business oriented. Thus it will show updates of my new services and products in the futures.

Soon as im free, In the coming days or weeks the content will be migrated here. Hope the major search engines will not punish my content migration. hehe. 🙂