By Morojasan

I came to a conclusion that great leaders are those who have the capacity to fantasize the imagination of the people. While I was wondering of what makes me feel the stories of the great leaders of the world, I developed questions in my mind, asking my self that if ever I lived in a particular country and a particular time with them, would I follow these leaders, and why should I fall in line behind them.

My answer is a big yes; I will follow their instructions to me, for the very simple reason that I am impressed with them. I am impressed with them because I am imagining that their ideals, opinions, and mind are magic, that it would benefit me and the people I care, that I will loss the opportunity and momentum as being part of their history if I will not join their team, that I am expecting more brilliant and magic things that would be happen to our world in the future with their ideals.

The great heroes of all the times achieved their goals because of the help of the people who surrounds them, if there is no one beside them to bring into action their ideals, they will be definitely become mockery in the eyes of the history. The people always believed that their lives have changed because of the magic of their great leaders. But in truth and in reality it is the people who really changed their kind of livelihood. Could it be change if they just neglect the men who clamour to change the history of their lives?

The people who executed the ideals of the great leaders are good listeners, they listen attentively to every words that coming out from the mouth of their leaders, because they were already impressed with the past achievements of the leaders before them, then they will expect that no matter how hard to materialize their assigned task, they can afford to do it for the sake of the real intention of their leaders, because they are convinced deep inside with their hearts that their leaders can forecast the future.

After having a perusal imagination of the things that I mentioned above, I invented a question that what if I will be put on the shoes of the great leaders that I have just discussed with you, what magic shall I be going to do to fantasize my own people, so that they will be impressed with me and follow all my ideals. And I assume a hypothetical scenario, for example you and I along with my friends and your friends live in a far far away, a place and a time which do not have the technology that we have right now. Assuming further that I am the only person who knew the exact time of the lunar eclipse, and I knew that the lunar eclipse will be happened on March 25, 2010.

I will grab that opportunity, thus, I will announce to you and all the people that on March 25, 2010, by virtue of the magic that I possessed, I Morojasan will make the heaven dark at once because of your incapable to follow my whims and caprices. After I show you my capacity which you cannot even imagine to do the same, you will definitely kneel on me forever.

That is a fact that in order to lead you need to be a magician in some aspect of life, you need to bring fantasy to your people to capture their trust and confidence. Therefore, I realized the reason why the poor Bangsamoro were ‘’imprisoned’’ to the plight that we have today. The Bangsamoro were long impressed with the magic of the people who grabbed our ancestor’s dignity and wealth, and who happened to discriminate us even in our home town.

The most if not all of the Bangsamoro can never afford to imagine to have their own state because they always believed that they do not have the capacity or magic like of what the colonizers have. Ergo, they preferred to be fantasized by the tricks of the magicians of the conqueror, and not to imagine their own fantasy according to their conscience.