By Maulana Bobby Alonto

Last March 10, 2010, the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), Nur Misuari faction, held its 4th Bangsamoro People’s National Parliament (BPNP) in Lanao del Sur. I understand Prof. Nur Misuari was there himself. The BNP came out with a curious resolution, among others, that needs to be reacted upon.

Among the resolution is a warning – repeat, warning – to Malaysia not to block the implementation of the GRP-MNLF 1996 Final Peace Agreement (FPA). We find this curious, not to say outrageous, because we don’t see the relevance of this particular resolution which points an accusatory finger at Malaysia on the presupposition that the latter is blocking the FPA.

Our brothers in the MNLF, most of whom are, or became, Philippine government officials or employees are barking at the wrong tree. Is this “warning”, which is an open display of arrogance, an oblique reference to Malaysia’s facilitation of the MILF-GRP peace negotiations? The nuance seems to indicate so. Regardless of the reason, Malaysia, which is a member-state of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), has never blocked the implementation of the MNLF-GRP 1996 FPA.

To call a spade a spade, if there is an entity that is responsible for the non-implementation of the FPA, it is the Philippine government (even the OIC now realizes this); and if there is an obstacle to it, it is the FPA itself that provides that obstacle! This infirmity in the FPA is very clear that even a high school student who reads English will not fail to notice it if he were to go through it thoroughly. Why did our brothers in the MNLF accept this infirmity? They themselves signed this document!

Come to think of it, brothers and sisters, how can you even urge the UN to recognize the right of self-determination of the Bangsamoro people when you, yourselves, recognized, acknowledged and accepted without question in the FPA the supremacy of the Philippine constitution and all “existing laws” over you? The Philippine government can easily demolish your arguments before any international body using the FPA as a ‘weapon’ against you.

Unless you abrogate, nullify and void the FPA your legitimacy as “sole spokesman and representative” of the Bangsamoro people holds no water. It’s mere rhetoric that doesn’t mean anything.

Let me quote the ‘Totality Clause’ of the 1996 Final Peace Agreement: “This Peace Agreement, which is the full implementation of the 1976 Tripoli Agreement, embodies and constitutes the totality of all agreements, covenant and understandings between the GRP and the MNLF respecting all the subject matters embodied herein. This Agreement supersedes and modifies all agreements, consensus, covenants, documents and communications….Any conflict in the interpretation of this Agreement shall be resolved in the light of the Philippine Constitution and existing laws.” (underscoring mine)
With this ‘Totality Clause’, the MNLF has provided the Philippine government with all the excuses, pretexts and reasons for obstructing the implementation of the FPA on the basis of the Philippine constitution and “existing laws”. So who’s to blame? Malaysia? Come on! Grow up, my brothers and sisters in the MNLF! You’ve been had at the negotiating table. Admit it.

I hate to say this (and it bleeds our hearts even to think of it) but you’ve been defeated politically by the adversary.

But you also personally benefited from this defeat by accepting plum positions in government, foremost of whom is MNLF Chairman Nur Misuari who became regional governor of ARMM and is now running for governor of Sulu for the second time in the May 10 Philippine elections. Now that many of you are out of power, or about to be out of power, you’re whimpering like small children deprived of their goodies. Stop these childish acts and unite with your brethren in the MILF instead of issuing resolutions with ridiculous ‘warnings’ which people never even give a hoot about. For once, think revolutionary and act revolutionary! We are all brothers and sisters in Islam, brothers and sisters in the struggle for our people’s right to self-determination, and sons and daughters of the Moro Malay nation. Let not the fitna of our adversary come between us.

Again and again, the MILF has stated that it is not negotiating with the Philippine government solely for the MILF but on behalf of the entire Bangsamoro people. These include us, you and me, and all those brothers and sisters who may or may not even be supportive of the MILF.

Brother Al Haj Murad Ebrahim and the entire leadership of the MILF stand on the firm ideological and political position that we have to struggle together as a nation – one Moro nation – regardless of organizational affiliation, ethno-linguistic identity or class status. ‘Unity in struggle and struggle for unity’ is the call of the time.

Can you not see that?

Let us, therefore, do away with these foolishness and stupidity, stop blaming those who have helped us and are helping us rise from this dire condition we are in today because of colonialism.

Contemplate on this: seriously and objectively.