MashaAllah! Kudus to Princess Habibah Sarip! a Bangsamoro pioneer, as the 1st Bangsamoro news anchor to wear a hijab on Philippine national TV, on the government network PTV-4. You make us proud!

Just know this news at GMA News.TV report by Amanda Lago. It’s been long time in the history of Philippine society that a muslims tries to be part mainstream society, like a Muslim woman with a traditional head garb or Hijab be accepted in an big institutions like in a National TV without Islamaphobia. A hijab is a veil that covers the hair and neck. Now a Muslimah is visible in predominantly Christians viewer, hoping this is a good start in national reconciliation vis-a-vis Filipino and Bangsamoro.

Thanks to PTV-4 news director Ed Finlan for giving chance for deserving muslim professionals to work for People’s Television. Kudos!

I’m wondering when will GMA and ABS-CBN will follow?