I criticize Prof. Nur P. Misuari before because some of his actions like not supporting the FAB and his mismanagement of Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) as Governor. But some so-called intellectuals or professionals it’s easy for them to criticize Maas. I realized that, we should remember that, Maas is at first an Academician then a Revolutionary leader. Running a Revolutionary Front is different from running a Government with all those bureaucracy up to Malacanang and doom to failed ARMM system.

We all know that ARMM is not the solution to the Bangsamoro Question, President PNoy even agreed it’s a failed experiment. Nur Misuari shouldn’t be solely to be blamed. We should also blame the Congress of the Republic of the Philippines for watered down ARMM Organic Act which is also a none-compliance or misinterpretation of the MNLF-GPH 1996 Peace Agreement. MNLF Nur Misuari was trapped and fooled by Filipino Politicians promises.

MILF learned a lot of lessons from MNLF experienced against the Filipino Gov’t. That’s why MILF negotiation with GPH now is very careful and vigilant. Some MILF Youth and Young Bangsamoro Leaders are given opportunities to study abroad like Governance and other needed technical skills to run a government so if the Bangsamoro State arrived, it will not be doom to failed Bangsamoro Government. MILF should be thankful to MNLF experienced because they we’re not the one who was trapped and be blamed to ARMM failed experiment.

Extend and Help your fellow comrades who was trapped, losts and helpless against insincere government. We Bangsamoro will not be liberated unless we are united and be inclusive among all sectors of our ummah. Free Bangsamoro!