Marawi City – On Sunday October 6 2013, Free the Bangsamoro Movement (FBM) hit President Aquino in mishandling the Zamboanga siege last month that resulted to a tragic loss of lives and destruction of Properties. “We suspect that PNOY preferred the “use of force” against Moro National Liberation Front’s (Misuari Group ) rather than the option for a peaceful resolution of the conflict to “distract” the attention of the people from the series of “corruption controversies” hounding his administration the alleged misuse of PDAF and DAP that triggered series of Protests nationwide.” Said in a statement the Group sent to this website.

The Group recalled that a similar situation occurred during the term of former President Joseph Estrada that prompted him to launch an All-Out War against the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) main Camp in Central Mindanao. Prior to that declaration Estrada’s Administration was marred by corruptions scandals. A Catholic nun, Sr. Christine Tan who then headed the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, disclosed that 87% or P430 million of the P495 million intended for its charity projects had been diverted to the offices of President Estrada, his wife, Luisa, and his son, Jinggoy.

Followed by a scandal over alleged insider trading of BW Resources shares broke into the news, along with two other money scandals implicating top officials and friends of Estrada.

The Group fears that PNOY Spin doctors might again be planning to fabricate another diversion now that the People is getting a clearer picture on some of the charges hounding him. Especially on Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) of the Department of Budget and Management—had allegedly been used to bribe senators and representatives in connection with the impeachment trial of then Chief Justice Renato Corona in 2012.

Senators who voted for the conviction of Corona received from P50 million to P100 million while many House members were each given an additional P10 million. (

“We express deep concern in the on-going GPH-MILF peace talks, it seems that the Government is once again employing tactics to further delay the negotiation and inserting new provisions that might result to ctchce collapse of the talks. “ hcardliners within MILF is growing impatient already with the slow Progress of the talks.” The Group said

The Group also criticized PNOY’s mishandling of Zamboangga Evacuee’s affected by the conflict and urge him to declare a state of calamity in the city so that the displaced will get the necessary help they needed.