Last weekend (Sept. 19, 2015), a confidential sketch by some officer of National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) was released to the public and posted online by ABS-CBN TV Patrol Chavacano (Zamboanga), this post is unacceptable to us Bangsamoro and peace loving people of this country. Why? the sketch or drawing of the suspect in Zamboanga Bus Bombing, with additional description of “Muslim Type”. This sketch has stirred rage in different parts of Mindanao and even in Metro Manila, that the bomber is a Muslim?

When there’s a bomb explosion in this country, our police and military is fast accusing and stereotyping the suspect as Muslim?

Recently a young Muslim – a 14-year-old boy was arrested for bringing a home-made clock to school which his teachers thought was a bomb.

This NBI – a government agency sketch with “Muslim Type” feels that all of us muslim a terrorist or bomber? Is the government or it’s military cooking some scenario of chaos and terrorism? then we Muslim are again hostage of discrimination. When will this discrimination stop? Like others, we are also peace loving people?

Sadly, none of the candidate for President this 2016 National Election issues statement about this “Muslim Type” sketch of NBI, even their head Sec. de Lima of Department of Justice (DOJ). Only the officials of NBI Region-9  issues apology.

This discrimination and bigotry should end now! Apology is not enough. The government officials should do something about it, if they consider us Muslims as part and citizen of this country. Our rights and dignity as Muslim should also be protected. #STOPBIGOTRY