Moro Herald is blogsite that shares and discuss News, History, Tradition, Politics, and Social Commentary that affects the Bangsamoro People. Moro Herald will try to collaborate and post guest articles from Moro Writers and Moro Bloggers.

This site was launched last January 25, 2009 and was founded and develop by Jun Macarambon of Moro Focus Multimedia. because he believes there’s a need for Blog authored by a Moro to try balance and counter-react a bias/prejudice writers, journalists and bloggers, and misinformation floating in the Internet against the legal aspiration of the Bangsamoro for Self-Determination.


Moro Herald was born from which was Jun Macarambon personal blog back then. And after years of blogging about Bangsamoro, he believe there’s a need to separate his personal blogs and his advocacy and commentary about Moro issues. After weeks of thinking, was registered last May 23, 2008 but was launched the next year. His personal blog can now be found here –

The Blogger

Jun MacarambonMoslemen “JUN” Macarambon Jr. a.k.a. “wyzemoro” in Virtual World, is a Webmaster and a Moro Blogger of many Bangsamoro related sites. He consider himself a Moro activist and self-proclaim Independent Moro Filmmaker.

He realize that websites/blogs are not enough to promote the Bangsamoro cause, thus he felt developing Moro Films could also help to put forward in showcasing and preserving the Cultural Heritage, Tradition and History of the Bangsamoro People. Serving the Bangsamoro People is what inspired him to do all this.

He is considered by many as smart, simple and naughty. This is because he was busy going to forums, conferences, assemblies, conventions, seminars and most of all – rallies in the streets living up to his ideology and undying love to serve the Bangsamoro People.